NFL Betting: Cardinals Fans Nervous As 2012 Season Begins

After losses in four of their five preseason games, the Arizona Cardinals head into the 2012 season with little momentum. Their fans are worried even more so as the Cardinals offensive line, passing game and quarterback situation looks very shaky. Nothing about this team screams playoffs.

Even so, the Cardinals will get to work against the Seattle Seahawks when they visit on Sunday in what should be a fairly interesting contest. For Arizona, their offense has the talent and they just need some confidence and momentum, so a win might be just what the doctor ordered. Even though they are underdogs on the NFL odds, a win might be very attainable given who is coming to town.

The Seahawks have a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start this week. He isn’t exactly working with a full deck as running back Marshawn Lynch is banged up and the Seahawks receiving corps isn’t the best in the business. The Seahawks tend to be a team that’s much stronger at home than they are on the road. They have won just eight of their last 32 road games.

For the Cardinals, they just need to play a conservative style of offense, don’t make any bonehead mistakes and lean on the running game a little bit more. If they can get some balance on offense or at least take some pressure off the quarterbacks, they should be able to move the chains and get some points.

Arizona is still a talented team but they’re just lacking the confidence on offense right now. The good news is confidence is contagious and breeds with winning. Even though Arizona is an underdog  for the NFL odds, if they can edge the Seahawks and get the win, it could guide their season in a very different direction than if they lose their opener.

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