Starting QB Battle


Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Thus far this preseason for the Cardinals has been a battle between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton for the starting quarterback job.  Both players have made a strong case as to why they should be considered for the starting role.  Over the course of the off-season the Cardinals have gone back and forth with whom should become the starter for the season opener.  At one point the team was losing confidence in Kolb, then Skelton became the favorite to win the job and eventually the Cardinals players began “gravitating towards” Skelton.  Kolb has played very well of late in the preseason and could continue to build off of his recent success if given more playing time.  Kolb played well for the Eagles a few seasons ago and has plenty of on field experience.  However, he has struggled during his time in Arizona even with a great wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald.  Thus, raises the argument if it is time to give Skelton the reins and see how he does.  The Cardinals had decent weapons outside of Fitzgerald, but the offensive line does raise a question mark for whichever player is dubbed the starter.  Over the course of the season it would not be a surprise to see both Skelton and Kolb get a chance to start and have the team stick with the player with the hot hand.  Either way, the Cardinals have two starter worthy quarterbacks that they can turn to at any point during the season if one begins to stumble.  Not a bad problem to have at all.

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