Will the Cardinals Try to Sign Mario Williams?

With $12-14 million in cap space for the offseason, and with the ability to restructure and cut loose some of the overpaid players on the team, the Cardinals are in an ideal spot to pursue one of the marque free agents in the 2012 offseason. Of course everyone is still saying that the Arizona Cardinals will look into Peyton Manning if the Colts decide to release him. However, he is 35-years old and will be 36 by the time the season starts. In addition to Peyton Manning’s age, he is coming off a season where he had to sit every game due to having several surgical procedures done to his neck. If the Cardinals want to take a risk on him, they will have to risk much more than just the Arizona Cardinals cap room, they would be risking the future of Kevin Kolb. At this moment, Kevin Kolb is a highly paid QB without much of a resume, he would likely have to be cut which would mean the Cardinals lost a Pro Bowl cornerback and a second round draft pick just to rent Kolb for a year. That situation is an extremely risky, but with Peytom throwing the ball to Fitzgerald, it could also result in a chance to win a Super Bowl. However, the Cardinals should not risk everything to get a few years out of Peyton Manning, and those years carry no guarantee because of the question marks that follow Peyton Manning.

Instead of making a high-risk move, the Cardinals should look into pursuing Mario Williams. Due to the Texans having two key Free Agents, the Texans are likely to use their Franchise Tag on Arian Foster and let Mario Williams test his worth as an Unrestricted Free Agent. In the modern NFL, everyone loves to see high scoring offenses, but having a dominant pass rusher and run stopper like Mario Williams is a key ingredient to stopping the high scoring offenses. Two teams for the Arizona Cardinals to look at for an example of how a dominant pass rush will help them are the Giants, and their division rivals, the 49ers. Not signing Mario Williams won’t be the worst thing for Arizona Cardinals, but Peyton Manning would be a huge risk that may not be worth taking.

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