Cards Drop 4th Straight

While the Cardinals may not have had the highest expectations for this season, starting the season off 1-4 is still a huge disappointment.  Especially considering the struggles of Kevin Kolb who they put a huge investment in this off season.  It is still early, but not too early to start worrying.  Kolb finished another lackluster game Sunday against the under performing Vikings by completing just half of his passes  and throwing 2 picks to no scores.  Oh yeah, he also lost a fumble.  Kolb now has 5 touchdowns to go with 6 ints through the first 5 games of the season.  His performance is especially disheartening considering he was facing the 0-4 Vikings.

Kolb isn’t the only one to blame here though.  The game was well out of hand before the second quarter even started.  No, I’m not kidding.  In case you slept in a little too late in missed the first quarter, well you missed basically the entire game.  It was 28-0 with over 2 minutes left in the opening stance with a trio of touchdowns by All World RB Adrian Peterson.  It is not surprising that Peterson played so well, considering he is the best RB in the nation.  However, the offense needs to be held accountable for constantly putting the Vikings on short field.  Arizona didn’t have a 1st down until their 6th drive.  In fact, each of the first 5 drives took less than 2 minutes off the clock.

This all came against a team who had yet to win a single game!  So what went wrong in this game?  Everything.  The last 3 games were decided by 4 points or less, but this was an absolute blowout with basically no positives.

The Cards will try to work things out next week with a much needed bye.  Things won’t get easier however, as the next two games are against the best two teams of the AFC North.

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